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Auto Warranty

One of the things that makes us the best Auto Warranty available anywhere is our claims process - it's the best in the industry.

Here's why:


  • It's easy - our warranty company deals with the repair shop directly so the client doesn't need to do anything at all. They just tell the shop repairing their car that they have a warranty and the warranty company will handle the rest.

  • The repair shop calls the warranty company to get authorization before **any work is done so they can ensure the claim is covered and the claims department can approve the claim directly over the phone so the shop can get started with the repairs immediately.

  • Then the repair shop lets the warranty company know when the work is completed and they pay them directly.  They will reimburse the shop at their labor rate and pay 100% of MSRP for parts, so there's no "short-changing" of paying for repairs.

  • All that's left after that is for the client to pick up their fixed vehicle. It's that easy!!

  • We believe it's the best claims process in the industry!


 Auto Warranty General Program Info

  • Vehicle years accepted: 2011- Current.

  • Vehicle mileage accepted: Under 200,000 miles at time of warranty purchase.

  • Where can the vehicle be serviced at: At whatever repair shop or dealership the client chooses, our coverage is good in the entire USA,.

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